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24 3-Ingredient Breakfast Smoothies for Weight Loss

If you love smoothies, this article will show you delicious and healthy 3-ingredient breakfast smoothies you can make in less than 10 minutes.

These breakfast smoothies are perfect for you if:

  • You’re too busy to make breakfast every morning.
  • You’re tired of eating the same breakfast over and over.
  • You want to increase intake of fruits and veggies.
  • You want to lose weight and maintain optimal health.

Frankly, these smoothies are so simple anyone can make them. All you need to do is toss the ingredients in a blender and blend them until they’re smooth. But realize that there are smoothie mistakes that can sabotage weight loss. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid:

Adding sweeteners:  Adding honey or sugar to your smoothie can trigger weight gain. As you may know, sugar is high in calories and triggers cravings. Instead of adding sweeteners to your smoothie, use sweet fruits like strawberries. You should also avoid flavored ingredients.

Lack of fiber: Smoothies that lack fiber won’t help you control hunger. Lucky for you, there are many high-fiber smoothies on this list.

Using too much protein powder: Protein aids weight loss and muscle growth, but high intake of protein powder can be harmful. Don’t use more protein powder than the recipe recommends.

Adding too much fruit: Fruit smoothies are sweet and nutritious but high in calories. You may end up gaining weight if you overdo them. Adding veggies and protein can make fruit smoothie healthier.

Now that you know the mistakes to avoid, here are 24 3-ingredient breakfast smoothies for weight loss.

Note: If you don’t have frozen fruits or veggies use ice.

breakfast smoothies for weight loss


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Final word

These recipes are very simple, so you should try them right away. All you need is a blender and the ingredients. Now go blend, and don’t forget to share your experience.

How often do you make breakfast smoothies?

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3/4 cup coconut oil in the first one, seriously? Sounds anything but tasty 😛 must be an accident…


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